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new to 1911's....where do I start?

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Hi, I'm totally new to 1911's, and handguns in general. I really want to get into some competition shooting, so I want a good 1911 .45 in case I ever decide to give it a try. Maybe even make it a project, and learn along the way as I add accessories, change sites, etc.

So where do I start? What brand? Wide body or not? What finish? I would like to keep the price down, since I may be changing a lot of things on it (So a $1200 Kimber is out of the question)

I've heard that springfield is a good base to make a competition 1911, and the price seems reasonable. Any suggestions?
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What type of competition are you interested in? There are several different shooting sports in which the 1911 excells. THe three (maybe 4) I'm aware of are IPSC, where the goal is to shoot fast and you can have any kind of gun you want; IDPA, which tries to be more tactical and restricts what you can do to a gun; and bullseye, which is all about accuracy. Somewhere in there is NRA action pistol. A stock 1911 can perform well in all three competitions, but if you like the tricked out guns of IPSC or bullseye and really want to be competitive, then you may want to start with a different 1911 than you'd use in IDPA. I'd recommend going to a match or 3 of these different types and see what the competitors are using. I can't think of any shooter who won't wax poetic on why their gun is the best and how you can get one just like it. Might even be able to pick up a good deal on a used (or "broken-in"
gun. LAter.

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