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Hi All,

I am new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. All my usual online identity names were taken so don't laugh about my new moniker!

I joined the forum to share some information with all you fellow reloaders out there. The manufacturer of one of my handguns, the 22 TCM, presents this gun as having a shooting velocity of 2200 feet per second. I have come to believe that this is likely an exaggeration after researching reloading for this weapon. ( unless you are using a 24 inch barrel !) Neither the gun or the dies come with any reloading specifications as usual, and as the cartridge is relatively new, information can not be found in the current publication by SAMMI. As is common with the internet, checking comments on different forums didn't give me any information solid enough to move forward with. So my research led me to quickload.com, a site recommended to me by the school of gunsmithing in my state. I didn't want to purchase their reloading software program without confirming it contained the information I needed for the 22 TCM. A phone call netted me a conversation with Neco, who was very informative.

Bottom line, H110 and Lil, with a 60% burn rate are a poor choice. Power pistol powder or HP38 is a preferable powder with a 90 to 100% burn rate and pressures at 31 and 34,000 which are well under the 38,000 max for this caliber. The program from quickload.com contains over 2500 different calibers, 300 different gun powders, details maximum pressures and burn rates
and on and on and on. This program is very comprehensive and user friendly. I recommend it.

Hope this is helpful to the group.
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