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Wow, good price on the Colt.

Hey I'm just now re-watching the entire DVD series, after seeing the film version of Serenity. Several fun things with guns in this series.

In the "Out of Gas" episode, the guy who brings the crystallizer replacement and then shoots Mal trying to take over Serenity, I think he uses a 1911, looks like GI-style sights. Can't help but wonder why Mal wasn't wearing the same type of body armor that Zoe was in the pilot episode, when she got shot in the chest by Patience' men.

Did you notice in the "Heart of Gold" episode, when Jayne is explaining to his female friend about when to hand him the guns, there is a stainless Ruger Government model laying among them on the bed? A .22 LR is an odd choice for a long-range gunfight isn't it? Well, they don't go into the guns all that much I guess.
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