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new to guns - just bought a kimber and could use a little help

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wanted to check in and say hi - also wonder what everyones experience of the pro cdp II was - no one seems to mention this gun in any posts (btw i have the comander size) - and where to get a para ord. double stack for it, as i hear they fit - also does sti make a kit for a dbl stack that will work? also paid 1100.00 was this a fair price?
also i read in one post that the alum. frame will crack if i use hotter than standard loads - is this the case - havent picked up the gun yet and could switch -
thanx in advance
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I have the compact cdp which is the same gun with a .4" shorter grip. I'm exceptionally pleased with it. I paid $894 for mine a couple of months ago. Not sure about the mags, this is the first I've heard of it. As far as the frame goes, other posters here have said that it is the same frame Wilson Combat uses which I understand has a lifetime gauratee, so I'm not particularly worried about it cracking although I haven't yet felt the need to run +p ammo through it. I think it would be the rare case when +p ammo offered any significant advantage. My novice opinion of external ballistics combined with my theory of possibilities vs. probabilities. Back to the frame and WC, that's second or third hand info so don't take my word for it, just what I saw posted earlier.
Hi Sreiter,
I don't own a Kimber but the Pro CDP is an aluminum framed single stack 1911. If you are talking about the polymer hi-cap Kimbers then you can use double stack magazines. So to answere your question if it is a Pro CDP that you have, the Para double stack mags will not work.
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