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new to me Officer ACP

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My recent purchase....just had to try and post a pic. Ultimate Officers ACP blue slide w/ polished flats and matte top over polished stainless frame.

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Beautiful! Are you going to have any modifications done to it?
Beautiful gun! I'm not jealous or anything. If it shoots half as good as it looks, you've got a winner.

If it wasn't for the NRA, the second ammendment would already be gone!
Son, about the only thing I'm going to do is change over to the Wilson full length guide rod setup. I've already changed the grips to some double diamond rosewoods to keep the stock ones like new. Also have a Wilson 7rd mag on the way.

It shoots great....seems as accurate as a Springfield Loaded fullsize I used to have out to about 15 yards.
You're going to leave the sights the way they are? No high beavertail? Don't take me wrong, it's fine the way it is.. frankly, they're very beautiful. I was just curious on what you planned on doing with it.
Actually, I like the sights. For some reason they are faster for me than most other pistols I've had or shot....and they're dead on at the moment.

Nah, don't need a high beavertail grip safety either. I'm not going to carry this OACP since I can't carry while working anyway. For what I'd spend on sights and modifications I can get one of those Argentine contract Colts that JLD is selling.
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oh yeah, almost forgot to add that I would like a lighter/crisper trigger....so, that's in the works.
I've got the same gun in reverse. Blue frame and bright stainless slide marked ULTIMATE OFFICERS. Brownells sells a Wilson (I think) reverse plug with no rod that requres no frame mod.
I lied, plug is a Clark part.
thanks Popeye, I'll have to look at that when my Brownells catalog comes in....I wasn't to eager to have that "slight slide modification" made.

Popeye, I guess you've changed to the Wilson plug? Did your factory plug fail or did you change it to prevent breakage?
Hi G21/Z28, I think these are just the nicest looking guns Colt has put out recently, glad you got one.

I`d keep it stock too.
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G21/Z28, I emailed a section of the Brownells that contains the plug info to you. I've got three Officer's Colt's. The Ultimate has the factory plug, the stainless will soon have the Clark plug, and I've got a matte black one I carry with a Comminelli (sp?) buffer/guide rod. I never had the standard plug fail, but for a carry gun I think the rod is a must. I put S&A magwell's on the stainless and the black ones.
I have an Officers Enhanced all blue. It is NIB as I have never fired anything but a full size. And I have a few for the occasions. Yours is a much prettier gun. Have a good time with your mods and firing it.
G21/Z28, nice looking piece. I just picked up a shiney new officers model myself. Mine is an OFFICERS ULTIMATE (instead of the ULTIMATE OFFICERS) I guess my gun is a Lew Horton special of 1 of 500,(mine is sn# below 100). From what I understand, 250 of the Officers Ultimate had a black chrome frame with ultimate ss slide/parts (like mine), and 250 were made vice versa. Course that doesn't always mean anything, seems like Lew Horton used to have the "Colt of the month" sale quite often. I have a couple of other Officer models, and they shoot great! If no one talks me out of this one, I may have to shoot it too. Let us know how the range time goes.


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Sorry, double tap.

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BTW, does anyone make a flgr for the Officers model that DOESN'T require modification to the gun? I have the Clark plug in a couple of Officers, but I would like a flgr better.

GHILLIE.... Ive got same gun you do in picture. I've got a Sprinco rod/buffer I tried in one of my Officers. No slide mod required, but its one SOB to get in and out of the gun. I'f you're careful slide mod for regular rod can be done easily and cannot be seen. I've done a few.
GHILLIE...nice looking pistol

Got 150 rounds thru it this weekend with S&B 230 gr FMJ at ranges of 10-20 yards. This thing is a real pleasure to shoot. Also shot a few Golden Saber +p 185ers...from here on out I'll call them "BIG WHITE LIGHT"...largest muzzle flash I've seen from an auto before. I was worried I was going to ignite my target at 10 yards.
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