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As many of you here, I went to a local gun shop looking at Colts, And found this Smith 25-2 with 6 1/2" pinned barrel in wonderful shape, It takes the 45 acp, so no new ammo here, I have yet to shoot it since I bought it last night at 6pm, But I am itching to!!!
It is an early one as near as I can tell, I believe 1965 or so.
The only wear is the cylinder drag marks,
It seems as you guys here love these .45 acp wheel guns, It is my first of this caliper wheel gun, But not my first smith.
What can you tell me about this piece?


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As an Aussie friend of mine might say Yah Lucky Bastid !

Ok, Post WWII S&W came out with the short DA action replacing
the PRe-WWII long DA actions, with the exception of the N-frame in
.45 ACP - it was made until 1949 when S&W came out with the 1950
Target w/adj. sights.and the fixed sight 1950 Army. Bullseye
shooters were not completely happy with the 1950 Target so
S&W responded by enlarging the Dia. of the barrel to 0.790 inch
and the 1955 Target came into production. In 1957 when S&W
assigned numbers to their guns, the 1955 Target became the Model

The S&W .45 ACP uses Moon clips to hold the rimless
cartridge in order to extract the empties. Originally, the S&W
M1917 revolvers used in WWI used half moon clips which
held three rounds so two of them loaded the gun. Post WWI
with the surplus guns going out on the market or having been
brought home by the Doughboys, as well as S&W making
a more refined civillian version Remington Peters created the
.45 Auto Rim (AR) cartridge. It duplicates the .45 ACP case
dimensions but is a rimmed cartridge and can be used in S&W
.45 ACP revolvers. In the late 1970s, somebody invented
the FUll Moon clip which holds 6 rounds - suppliers include Ranch,
RIMZ Wilson COmbat and others. There are tools to assist in
getting empties out of full moon clips. I use the WC full moon
clips and most have the nicle wash for my 625.

THe rifling in the 25 and 625 is shallow and narrow so it does
not lend itself to soft lead bullets, stay with hardcast or jacketed
bullets for best accuracy and ease of cleaning.

THere are suppliers of loaded AUto Rim. ammo, Buffalo BOre, and
others - Google is your friend. The only speedloaders I know that
work with AR brass - because the rim is thicker than .45 COlt in order
to correctly headspace the cartridge same as ACP with moon clips are
the HKS 25M Speedloaders. However, loaded full moon
clips for carry or a range session are a quick reload, no speedloader with
a knob to twist and to deal with .... just put em in, and eject
rinse and repeat.

Great guns to shoot with the low pressure .45 ACP you'll still
be shooting after the guy with full magnum loads has gotten blisters
or sore wrists.

If you are looking for some leather for a carry rig, just ask.

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It's a great gun. I have both the Pre-Model 25 and a Pre-Model 26.

First of all, you won't need the moon clips to shoot the ACP rounds. You will have to manually punch out the brass. I keep a dowel in my range bag for that. I used to use moon clips, but I found I can load and punch out the brass faster than dicking with moon clips. You can use Auto Rims as well, but since I have a Dillon SDB, AR brass is relegated to my Rockchucker when I want to take a long time to reload.

Second, this gun shoots cast bullets just fine. I use a 200 grain SWC and 3.6 grains of Bullseye for one-hole groups at 25 yards. 4.2 grains of Bullseye and 4.4 grains of WST with a 200 grain SWC also shoots one-hole groups at 25 yards. These are also loads I use in my pre-70 National Match.

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Wow, that is a very nice find. The kind I usually stumble upon as they are filling out the paperwork. You must have better Karma that I do.


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I have one also, born in 1981. You will love it, one of my best shooting pistols. I use lead reloads in mine with no leading problems, but I keep my .45 ACP reloads around 800-850 FPS. I put a set of custom grips on mine and it is also one of my purtiest guns....
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