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Couple of new 1911's ( Recon and 25 yr edition) , a new rifle and a new finish ( Poly Ceramic Alloy Coating ) . I think thats it , curious about this finish since my S.R.P. is going in for a new frame and a complete new finish , it looks to be replacing the Baercoat finish .

From " A message from Les Baer SR " :

First, there’s our 25th Anniversary Model 1911, a custom engraved collector’s special edition pistol that’s almost too beautiful to shoot. But, mark my words…like all our 1911 pistols, it WILL shoot like a million bucks.

Our brand new Ultimate Recon Pistol is a great choice for either duty or self defense. It comes with an integral Picatinny rail to allow use of several different tactical lights, to give you that extra edge when you’re confronted with things that go bump in the night.

Our new CMP Rifle is our first-ever rifle that meets all the criteria for the Civilian Marksmanship’s (formerly DCM) service rifle competition…plus it’s made from beginning to end by Les Baer Custom. I have a feeling the standards at Camp Perry are suddenly going to be set a little higher.

Our new Poly Ceramic Alloy Coating is the best finish we’ve ever seen. It protects, it lubricates, and it looks great.
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