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New XSE sights?

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I bought a Colt XSE Gov't Model about six months ago. It came with a very acceptable trigger - However I had a trigger job (3.5lbs)and an arched main spring housing installed. I have shot about 2,000 rounds with absolutely no failurs.

This weekend I noticed for the first time that the pistol was hitting about 1.5" high and 1.75" to the right at 15 yds with a sandbag rest. Pretty tight group. I have shot it off a rest before and do not recall it being that off from point of aim.

I am considering putting on some new sights, any recommendations? What should I expect to pay. I want fixed sights and would prefer to be able to hold dead on at say 15 yds instead of having to use a "6 o'clock" hold.

All suggestions appreciated.
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I'm probably going to go with a McCormick
"drop in" low mount rear sight on my XSE. It looks a lot like the sight that came on the XS models,is only $47.95 shipped,and you can install it yourself. It completely encloses the dovetail cut giving you a custom look. You can see it at www.chipmccormick.com I don't know how adjustable it would be, but my XSE shoots point of aim, so I'm going to give it a try.
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