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I know nothing about BHPs.

I saw a used one for sale today for $280 plus tax.

It was matte black in color w/ black plastic grips. It had small GI-style front and rear sights. There were some slide/frame stampings that I didn't recognize. I remember seeing FN, Argentina, Armscor and Silver Spring, Maryland, IIRC. It appeared well-cared for but, from my experience w/ other guns, there were a lot of machining marks (ripples) all over. The trigger was crisp, but somewhat heavy (maybe 6 - 6 1/2 lbs). This BHP came with one, 13-round magazine...no box, manual, etc. The sales person said that this gun may have 1K rounds fired through it, he wasn't certain.

Overall, this gun looked in decent shape except for the poor factory finishing.

I'm more than a little skeptical, however I don't want to pass up a good deal either.

Opinions and/or comments would be appreciated. TIA.
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