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newbie question on lubrication

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I just finished shooting my new springfield mil-spec for the first time. After I cleaned it up I started lubing and realized I didn't really know what the most important places to lube were. I tried to lube everywhere metal might touch metal, which seems like a lot of places on a 1911.

1. What are the most important places to lube on a 1911?

2. Is there a product that lubes the entire gun quickly, or is it better to put a little oil on a gun patch and individually lube each spot (which is my normal practice)?
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Originally posted by shane45-1911:
Well, too much oil can attract and hold grit, dust and dirt. Enough grit, dust and dirt can act like a fine lapping compound on your components, and cause premature wear.

ROGER THAT! I progressed from over oiling with Rem oil to Remington Dry lube, to Tetra grease and oil. The Tetra treatment is under testing right now, so I won't give any details yet. To premature.

This all resulted from my gun "gumming up" and FTFing, and all the worst parts of a trouble shooting column in a gun manual.
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