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newbie question on lubrication

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I just finished shooting my new springfield mil-spec for the first time. After I cleaned it up I started lubing and realized I didn't really know what the most important places to lube were. I tried to lube everywhere metal might touch metal, which seems like a lot of places on a 1911.

1. What are the most important places to lube on a 1911?

2. Is there a product that lubes the entire gun quickly, or is it better to put a little oil on a gun patch and individually lube each spot (which is my normal practice)?
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The address Baer 1911 is perfect. Only I use tetra grease instead of oil because it stays in place where as oil runs away. DO NOT OIL THE FIRING PIN!!! there is no need and can only cause problems. I lived in Florida for two decades and there one had to worry about himidity and salts attacking the steel, so oil was a good thing. Here in Colorado, Oil can freeze your pistol. the firing pin most of all. Oil attracts dirt, dust and grit, so it has to be changed just like in your car. Your extractor doesn't need to be oiled either, in case you were interested!

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