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I ordered one of the Para Ordinance CCWs when they first came out.
When it arrived; I was delighted to find that the CCW was delivered with TWO (2) Magazines.
My delight was somewhat muted, when I discovered that NEITHER of the two delivered Magazines would work!
The Magazine follower will NOT stay in the Magazine body.
With only a single round in the magazine; when you manually strip/slip the round out of the magazine, the follower slides out also. With more than one round in the magazine; everything seems to work as it should - but when you get to the last round; sliding it out brings the magazine follower out at the same time. Both the two magazines delivered with the CCW were identical and behave exactly the same.
Consulting with the local “Smith” at my range, he pointed out that the skirt on the follower (the portion that sits at the back of the magazine body) was "shorter" than that of a typical officer's style magazine follower. As a result, when it is at the top of the Magazine body (as it necessarily is, when only one round is in the magazine) it is only long enough to engage the "Top/First" loop of the magazine spring.
This top loop is ABOVE the forward wall of the magazine body, and as a result; when you strip this last round forward out of the magazine, the top loop moves forward and the follower slides forward and out as well.
We tried some “Wilson Combat” magazines in standard “1911 Officers size”, which although they extended beyond the base of the 6.45 grip, fit well otherwise.
The Wilsons performed flawlessly.
My "Smith" suggested that I upgrade the delivered Para magazine bodies by replacing the supplied follower and spring with “Wilson Combat” after market replacements.
The longer “Wilson” magazine follower skirt, caught the back of the SECOND loop of the magazine spring (as well as the top one). And - because the "second" loop was restrained in the magazine tube by the forward wall of the tube; it kept the follower in the tube as the last round was striped forward.
I mentioned this apparent defect in the Para CCW Magazines in an e-mail to Para Customer Support, and the legendary “George Wedge” of Para sent me replacement magazines for both my 6.45 and CCW; of a newer Para Design to see if they worked better for me.

I spent yesterday at the range.
Worked with my CCW and the 6.45 > 150 rounds each
Compared in each:
1. The original magazines that came with the guns
(old style - Para)
2. Original Para Magazine bodies which I had
upgraded with aftermarket Wilson Springs and
3. Some "Ground Up" Wilson Combat Magazines
(Officer and Sentinel)
4. The "New" Para Magazines which Para sent.

The "New" Para magazines were:
1. Much better than the Original Para Magazines
(The old-original Paras tended to want to "launch"
the follower with the last round, and were often
difficult to load )
2. Just a "little better" than the "upgraded" original
(The Wilson followers on the upgraded
Paras "tilted a little" with one round left)
3. Virtually indistinguishable in performance from
the "ground up" Wilson Combats………..
( Which is to say >> Flawless)

The "new" Para Ordinance magazines appear to be up to the same fine quality as their handguns - a "worthy" match
I’m a happy camper.
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