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Newly converted

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Why did I wait so long to take the plunge? I've only been shooting about a year. My first gun was a Glock 22, followed soon thereafter by a G19 which is my carry gun.

I'm very fond of my Glocks and have been arguing with my friend (he's the one who introduced me to this forum) from the beginning because he's a die hard 1911 fan. Well anyway, I finally relented and got a SA Mil-Spec (hence the nic). I'm already in love and lusting after a whole collection.

I've had it to the range once, and it shoots beautifully. It did suffer 2 very ugly jams (which in researching here I found I was not alone), but I'm not concerned because both my Glocks had some flaws until I broke them in.

Anyway, I'm hooked. Once I practice with this thing for a while I'll definitely be carrying a 1911. Don't get me wrong, I still like my Glocks, but I love this thing.
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Something about 2 1/2 pounds of solid steel and 90 years of combat experience sort of gives you a warm fuzzy, doesn't it?

D. Kamm
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You started out well. I too have both 1911's and Glocks. I love them both. Welcome to the forum.
I just recently joined also, though I have been reading a long time. Although I have never had to break in a Glock, I know it takes a little break in for most 1911's. But like you, I think it is worth it!!!
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Welcome to the forum. I shoot my brother's G17 when ever possible. Its trigger has smoothed out a bit over the years. It is accurate, holds lots of bullets. I have heard that it was designed for nineteen year old Austrian soldiers yet that dose not put me off.
dks said it right. The weight is not uncomfortable it is comforting. A good holster and heavy belt carry the 1911 just fine.
Welcome to the forum and 1911's. You have been bitten by a bug that will take a lot to get rid of. 1911itis, not much in the line of cures.

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It comes full circle,,,,I could spout off quite a lineage of guns I've owned over the course of the last few years,,,,,I'll give you the abreviated version.

I started with an Auto-Ordnance 1911 (see my mistake),,,,after piles of trades, I'm back to the 1911 again, only this time its Kimber and Para-Ordnance.

I don't even want to know how much money I really have tied up in those guns after all the loses on trades,,,,,,I'm sure its more than enough for a fine custom and maybe enough to through in another production gun.
The passion started off for me with the same identical model and flourished from there. It's provided years of satisfaction with many thousands of rounds down range. The original Mil-Spec I bought back in the early 80's is no longer in Mil-Spec trim. At around the 5000 round mark (Way before Loaded models were available)it was transformed with modest customizations. A couple years ago I bought another SA Mil-Spec to keep un-molested.

I also started with a polymer pistol...a walther p99. nice gun, but when i saw my pro carry i had to have it. sold the walther for $325 (i paid about $600+ for it...oh yeah- sold my glock 34 too) and put that down on the kimber. there's something funny about these guns that just draw you in and doesn't let go. i own three right now: tow kimmbers and one 70 series colt

one thing: don't ever sell it. you will regret it. besides, you have a gun that is one of the closest to the original 1911. be patient with it and i'm sure it'll make you happy.

Nothing like to smell of Breakfree to make my day complete.
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I have also joined the 1911 club. I have been reading this forum fore a couple of weeks as part of a 2 and a half month long research into handguns. Both from questions I posted and just reading responses from other peoples' questions has been quite informative. This, with numerous consultations with shooters, gun owners, military retirees, and anyone else I thought was helpful educated me enough to buy what I wanted; a Kimber custom SS. I haven't shot it yet, but I will soon. Thanks to everyone in this forum for your input!
What's a Glock?

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