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Night Sight Replacements for Kimber Adjustables?

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I would like to know if anyone is familiar with replacement sights (or sight blades) for the Kimber Custom Target adjustable sights. I want to keep the adjustables, but would also like night sights (best of both worlds). Any information would be appreciated.
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I do not believe you can just replace the blade on the rear sight. The tritiums are in little tubes that is much longer than the thickness of the blade. I have seen special Bomar adjustables on Les Baer's pistols that have the tritium inserts, so you might check if Bomar make them to fit the Kimber cut. Also Heinie has a new FIXED rear replacement for the Kimber that can be had in the Straight Eight configuration.
Kimber is selling adjustable night sight with Meprolight inserts to fit their pistols. I thought about having them put on my stainless target Kimber.

I am going with Mr. Heinie's new fixed, night sight to replace the Kimber adjustable. I don't believe a true fighting handgun should have adj. sights.
PT Night Sights can install any of thier bar configurations into your existing sight blade for you. Check out thier many configurations at www.ptnightsights.com. Also they come with a lifetime warranty.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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