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Night sight service.

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On 11-30 I sent a e-mail to kimber with a question about the warranty time on the night sights that so many people are having trouble with. My problem was that the sights on my compact were dimmer then what I remeber. 12-2(sunday) I got a repley to send them my slide and they would be more then happy to look at the sights.He(randy) said they had a 10 year warranty. 12-3 Called kimber from work and spoke to randy,said to send it to them and they would check it out.Gentleman was nice as could be on the phone. I sent them the slide next day air from work. 12-7 Wife called me at work,UPS dropped off a box from yonkers N.Y. They installed new sights on the 4th. I've read alot of posts,both good and bad about kimbers service ,but I am very happy with the service I got.I guess it just depends on who you talk too,and how you talk to them.
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Got my slide back in record time(under 24 hours after Kimber received it)

However, check out my post on my experience and perception.


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