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Night Sights for my 1911PD

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I'm interested in putting night sights on my new Commander 1911PD but don't know who makes them to fit the Smith&Wesson slide....The dove tail for the front site is cut about half the size of most I've seen and that are on my Kimbers and SA's...I've seen a full size S&W w/night sights at a local gun store, the owner said the former owner of the pistol sent it to somebody and had them installed. The front dove tail had not been cut larger than the original cut! I looked on S&W web site and they don't list night sites for any of their 1911's....I don"t really want to have to send my gun out to have the front sight channel cut larger just to fit Novak's or Hiene's...
I know this is the place to have my question answered!!!
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I put Heinie slant 8's on my sc commander. You better have a factory sight pusher for the sights are in there TIGHT and the Heinie's are just as tight. I had the sight tool at my disposal and in hindsight I wished I'd sent the slide in to Heinie. I will do that when I put nite sights on my 1911 ss.
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