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Hi All,

I first want to thank all of you for being my co pilot on this build (many hours sifting through threads). Some may cringe (I'm still cringing) but I used my $50, 10" Home Depot drill press (it was a return with broken parts) to cut the rails, ramp bridge, frame rail and just about everything else. I went to the range today for the first time and spit out 100 rounds with no FTFire or FTFeed (the only problem is that sometimes the slide wont lock open after the last round) . When I got home I took her apart and it appears that the mag's were running into the ramp (Wilson/Nowlin) which may account for the intermittent lack of lock open slide on the last round (I'm just guessing and hoping). I then remembered a thread by one of you that said to file down the lower edge of the ramp so the mag can clear (rounds hit dead center of the ramp). If any of you have other ideas, I'm all ears. Before I started this project I knew only how to pull the trigger on a 1911 (some would argue not well), I know a little more now. What I came away with is that John Browning built a simple but complex weapon. What I mean about complex, there is a lot of art to this weapon (you are artists and your canvas is the 1911) and for you Smith and knowledgeable tinkers, You have all my respect. I have much to learn but have been blessed to get this far with some success. My thanks also to Bob and Bill at NightHawk who were gracious with their time and guidance but what kept me going was Dustin (1911 member) who does amassing 1911 builds. I'm going to put a few more rounds down range and hopefully work out all the kinks and then put on some lipstick to doll her up. This is a generous group, Thank you again.

"All I ask of you and I is to do the best we can with what we have at this moment in time".
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