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*No flames please* -- That Colt Mystique

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I am posting this in the COLT forum, as I believe the appreciative audoence is out here that will have the background in Colt ownership to appreciate my statement.

When I first was bitten by the 1911 bug, I wanted my (at the time) my one and only 1911 to be the best "bang for the buck" -- literally. I read the mags and surfed until I had my list down to 3 pistols, a ParaOrd P-14-145 limited, A Kimber Stainless target, and a Gold Cup.

Things I had to have;

1). Stainless
2). Adjustable sights

I found a Gun dealer that I am now madly in love with who at the time had a PO and a Kimber hung on his wall. After long discussions with him, I opted for the Kimber and I have to tell you staright up it was a wise decision. This pistol has been a tank, and is more accurate than me. While I was paying the Kimber off, I was bitten yet again with a perculiar caliber of 9X23 Winchester (you all have heard this story) and while I couldn't find any around, a quick call to my dealer showed he had in stock a Colt .38Super stainless with BoMar sights on it. "GREAT" I thought, I'll buy this puppy, and get a conversion done on it down the road. The whole time I was considering my first `11 purchase it was more of a deliberate practical purchase. when I was hefting my Kimber off of the wall, it was like checking out a piece of 2 by 4 to make sure it was square. When My dealer handed me the Colt I received the biggest "thrill" I have ever experienced while handling a handgun. It gave me goosebumps. I can remember that feel every time I pick it up. My Colt is a series 80 MK IV and the fit isn't near what my Kimber is, and yet I just don't get that same "thrill" factor when I pick up my Kimber. The same thing happnened when I was out to purchase my first AR-15. I waent out and did my comparison shoppping and was all ready to plunk money down on a Bushmaster disspator model BUT --- I went over to my dealer to make (another) 1911 payment, and there sitting on top of it's shipping box was a Colt MT 6731 AR that another buyer had refused to pick up and since it was there, would I like to look at it ? I assume now you know the rest of THAT story -- I had another "thrill" just field stripping it and playing with the A3 upper. As soon as I can find another dealer that gives me the tingles like this, I will seriously head their way. But for right now, COLT still puts a grin on my face just holding them in my hands !

`nuff said ?
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I'll pay extra to get that feeling. I'm working on a project gun that will be pretty much what I can buy over the counter in a Kimber Classic Custom, but it will say "Colt" on it. By the time I'm done, I'll have over $900 into the gun, but the extra $$$ buys a sense of history that you can only get with a Colt. You can argue that after replacing most of the internals, the gun isn't a Colt, and hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion.
Hello, this is my first post as I've been lurking for awhile now and am really impressed with the knowledge here. I just had to respond because even though I'm a big HK fan, deep down inside I'm a HUGE Colt 1911 fan. Those things just make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

My contemporaries wanted to tar & feather me when I traded my Kimber Classic Stainless on a ANIB Delta Elite Stainless, what can I say...I wanted one since the day I layed eyes on it back in 89 and I love it. I've since aquired more Colt's and really want more. From what I've read it looks like Colt is at least alive which is contrary to what the dealers in my area have been telling me so that makes me happy.

I have a Kimber Compact Custom Stainless on the way, I couldn't turn that one down because of the low price so I hope I don't get blasted for it but what the heck, I can always trade it for that Colt Officer's stainless I just saw if I don't like it.
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I passed up a Kimber Gold Match to get my Gold Cup with the kid at the gunshop looking at me like I was nuts.

It's a Colt and it will ALWAYS be a Colt. Don't get me wrong. I love my Ultra CDP and trust my life to it regularly but when I watch a good action flick the Gold Cup watches with me. The CDP stays in the drawer.

I love'em all but I guess the Colt's are my Favorites. I just wish they would offer some of the production custom packages that Kimber does.

Think about a Commander tricked out like a Pro CDP straight from the Colt factory! WOW! Talk about putting themselves back in the market! If Kimber can do it why can't Colt?
When opportunity strikes, you should buy one of the old US GI Colts. Then you'll have a more incredible sense of awe.

A long time ago, Ken Neal and I got into a pissing match over the slogan “If it isn’t a Colt, it’s just a copy.” I felt there are currently superiorly fitted, more accurate 1911’s currently manufactured 1911’s on the market today and that slogan made a mockery of others who chose to spend their money on a 1911 other then a Colt. However, after my interest in history perked and my study of the Colt 1911 in combat, I too got that sensation and understand the real meaning of that slogan.

At that time, I had owned several Colts, including some GI guns. However, I never had the same sensation then as I do now. It’s amazing what studying up on history can do to your mind, body and soul.

Yes there are guns that are more accurate. Yes there are guns that cost quite a bit more. Yes there are some guns that are tighter. One can't go wrong with a 1911 from a quality manufacturer. Yet, those 1911's are still missing the mystique and history of the Colt.

Because I am human, I was wrong then, but now I am righted!
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Its funny, I own newer colts, kimber, springfield, even a dave lauck 1911. But you know when I went to the range sunday I had a 1919 Colt Army 1911, 1927 Arg Army Colt, and a newer commander. I only ran 3 clips through my Commander almost all went in the 1919 GI. I have to agree with the GI statement above. Not that I am partial or anything like that


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Same here. As Ty knows I'll soon be the owner of FOUR Colt GI guns. I keep telling myself I should diversify and get a Union Switch & Signal or Ithaca instead, but I keep wanting only a COLT. Only finding a Singer for under two grand would finally break me.
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alright guys, your killing me! i want to get an old colt so bad i can taste it! i have my colt 1991A1, in matte blue and its the best gun i have ever had. i also had a glock 21 that i carried on duty for a while before going back to me colt. then back in january my brother bought a matte blue colt 1991A1, its the new ones with the tighter fit and stainless barrel. he had two weeks and traded it for another colt that turned out to have been "customized beyond repair" he quickly got rid of it for a kimber pro carry, which has been a good gun.

i found the guy that got my brothers colt 1991A1 and ask if he wanted to trade it for my glock 21. he did, and when i brought it home my wife asked, "why did you trade, you already have one" and my reply was "because its a colt, now i have two, and that other guy didn't appriciate it like i do!!!"

all i need now is an old colt to fondle and i'll be set (yeah right, the more the marrier!)

theres just something about a colt.... i still say they are second to none!

russel the cop
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I've had an on-going argument with a local dealer reguarding the Colt vs Kimber thing. He refuses to order any colt for me insisting that a bottom of the line Kimber is better that Colt. I ask, "Better than which Colt? 1991? Maybe, Series 70, I don't know. Pre 70's National Match, I don't think so." Of course there are alot of factors in that equation but from a collectability stand point a Colt is a Colt, part of History and an American icon.

I also would love a GI colt, it's just something that's steeped with history. I'm sure that there other 1911's that have better fit & accuracy and those who own them derserve acknowledgement for having a fine gun but I don't think those are the driving forces in making some of us want a GI 1911 that came out of Hartford, CT.
Elgwopo, I find it interesting that your dealer refuses to order Colt. Could it be that his "bottom line" (higher profit margins on Kimber?) are what his real motivation is?

A lot of dealers signed on with Kimber and bought a package of guns they now have in inventory. They don't like to talk Colt - "I have this in inventory, buy it, it's just as good or better".

As for the Colt mystique, yes, it's still important to many. There is something about being the trusted companion of genuine US Heros for over a hundred and sixty years that makes that little prancing pony still special to a lot of us. Kind of a link to where we came from and who we are, what we represent as a people. A kind of spiritual energy, passed down over the generations, if you will. I can't explain it - but I know exactly what you mean.

Warmly, Col. Colt

"Beware of Counterfeits and Patent Infringements"
Col. Colt, I think you hit it right on the head. I think the dealer is a dedicated "Kimber" dealer and the "profit margins" drive him to really sell the Kimber line. One funny thing though, whenever a Colt Gold Cup or any other highend Colt comes in it never makes it to the showcase. The Colt's all go for auction on the internet. Why is this? My theory is he knows the Colt will bring High $$ on the internet while not upseting his Kimber Rep by distracting from that large section dedicated to Kimber. Just a theory.
Dear BigBoy,

I have the Colt disease, too. My dealer tried and tried to get me to buy the loaded Springfield he had in the case. But, I insisted on a Colt (to his disappointment).

I wonder about the future of the 1911. Perhaps, it will one day end up like the Single Action Army, and thus be more valuable w/ the name Colt on the side. Ditto the AR15.

The future of PDW's may belong to a pistol and cartridge very much like the FN FiveseveN, and P90 subgun. Or, a caseless round, and polymer autoloading pistol (that would be my ideal pistol).

You can't fight progress (though the 1911 has done an admirable job for nearly 100 years). I am glad mine says Colt on the side. It will still be a treasured piece, even after I get my new ray gun from Mars

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I know the Colt GI feeling. One of my favorites is a 1918 Colt 1911. If the thing could only talk, what stories it could tell.

All 1911 style guns are great, BUT, a GI Colt 1911 for whatever reason just has a certain "pull" to it. When I walk into a shop and I see an old original GI Colt it's like finding a part of history on the shelf. It's like finding a long lost friend. It's hard to describe in words the appeal of the Colt 45.

Colt's slogan, "If it's not a Colt, it's just a Copy" rings true.

Doesn't a "Prancing Colt" say it all ?
My first 1911 was a Llama, then a Charles Daly. When I decided to upgrade to a "high end" 1911 I went in search of a Kimber or a Springfield Loaded. I found a Springfield at my local dealer along side a Colt 1991A1. The Springfield felt cheap in my hand, for lack of a better word, compared to MY!! Colt. You will notice I use the word my to describe the gun I bought.

For the life of me I can't figure why the "experts" at the magazines say that colt doesn't make a good gun. 500 rounds, no malfunctions, and a groups averaging just over 2.9 inches at 25 yards, and for $150 less than a gun of comparable quality qualifies as a great gun to me, save the plastic trigger.
The Colt mystique is very real. And it does help that Colt made an awful lot of good guns. Once I laid my eyes and hands on my Delta Elite I was bitten hard. Now I'm going nuts waiting to get mine back from BCP. There is just SOMETHING about them.

The Pit: http://www.geocities.com/mr_motorhead/index.html
Count me in on being susceptable to the magic of colt... and I didn't even know it till it happened.

I bought a beat up Argintine M1927 (argie air force roll mark with winged shield) and had it built into a nice IDPA gun. I love the way it shoots and will probably never get rid of it. THEN we found a Colt compact model for the wife.... Hmmmmm something about it is different.... magic.... THEN The stars aligned and I found a Lightweight Commander. Late '70s production. Very classy roll mark with the open "Colt" and prancing pony. My wife thinks I'm nuts cause I'm so taken with it. It needed a little tweekin.. (in fact it's sans sights right now waiting for brownells to deliver the new dot rear) but it's something special.

I've even got my C&R and just received two more M1927s. Gonna build one up for the wife cause she liked shooting mine so much. But that commander still fits my hand and talks to me like no other..... Sorta like motorcycles... but that's another story....

Tony G.
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Couln't wait for the 1911 to come out, and thought it was pricy for what it was, but a friend was selling a 1991A1, unfired and with a steel mainspring housing and a long steel trigger for $500. Feels like a 1911 except for a bigger thumb safety and tall sights. Bought a Kings bushing cut to fit closely and have been shooting the heck out of it since I got my hands on it. Couldn't resist, and it rests next to my 10 year old Series 80 with adjustable sights and a few custom touches. The old one will pass 100,000 rounds this year, still on the original slide and barrel, and its far from wearing out. There's a lot of choices out there from the different mfgrs, but I haven't picked up another that feels like a pistol should feel. Maybe my drill sergeant put a better brainwashing on me than I thought, but both run 100% on anything I choose to feed them with, and thats enough to make me NOT want to change.
The "mystique" in Colt 1911's got a little "rusty" for me after some of their products(my opinion only) went downhill and they seemed borderline "caving" on gun rights. I think they have shown improvements in both. I own 3 Colts and love them all!
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