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No longer an IPSC virgin

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Well Ive been waiting for this weekend since I recieved my 1911 and it finaly came. I am now addicted to IPSC. As for my first match I felt I did OK (just trying not to DQ) but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Everyone was very friendly and helpfull. Can not wait till the next match.
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It was great to have you and your pop at the match today. You did GREAT for your first match. Just making it through without shooting yourself or the RO is an accomplishment. The most important part is that you had fun. See you next month.


p.s. The match results are out already. Go to the site for them or email me.
I am glad you Enjoy IPSC. I shoot IPSC and IDPA but mainly enjoy IPSC. Courses are more challenging.
I have not shot IPSC in two years.Boy do I miss it.I will be shooting IPSC the third Saturday in April.I can`t wait.Glad to see you enjoyed it.It gets better and better each time you go. Good luck and shoot strait.

Have fun & Shoot Strait
IPSC is a great sport,have fun and shoot straight.Remember two things,Don't shoot until your sights are on the target and you can't miss fast enough to win.Now if I had just done that maybe it would not have took me 40 matches before I finally won.
Wewh... i thought this was a story of an IPSC shooter having his score raped by a range nazi... hehehehe.. couldn't resist

Any gun will do if You will do.
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