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Well, I'm not sure of the exact production process, but current Colts have the sear, disconnector and magazine catch produced by a casting process.
They are SUPERIOR parts. I use nothing but Colt disconnectors for my trigger jobs, on which I extend a 'Lifetime Warranty'.
On a Colt, I'll also use the factory sear and hammer. Perhaps the tool steel sears are a bit better, but I've never seen the need.
And I do a LOT of trigger jobs.
Of the clones, Kimber and Springfield included, the fire control components are definitely INFERIOR.
Unlike many of the more outspoken members of this forum, I am a professional pistolsmith.
I have supported my family for 15 years by means of my 1911 work. Check my profile and go to my PhotoPoint albums, the proof is in the pudding!
Approach me with an unlimited budget, ask me for a 'best grade' gun.....I'll recommend a 1991A1 as the base.
As to Colt's use of plastic parts, both the trigger and the mainspring housings are MORE than adequate, and in many circumstances, actually SUPERIOR to aftermarket products. The triggers are molded to the trigger bows, I have never seen one seperate. I add an overtravel set-screw and a set-screw top and bottom to eliminate excess play. It only takes a few minutes and you have a lightweight, self-lubricating trigger the equal of any of the aftermarkets.
My personal LW Commander is fitted with the original Colt plastic mainspring housing. It also is self-lubricating and more wear resistant than an aluminum housing. I have never seen one fail.
The series 80 safety system is a GOOD thing, and in the hands of a competent smith, poses no obstacles or potential failures. To the user of a series 80, simply PAY ATTENTION while reassembling and check function by means of a pencil down the bore.
Those who 'knock' Colt's are simply ignorant and/or misinformed.

Chuck Rogers
Rogers Precision

Pick any two!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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