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This is to follow up from an earlier post I placed when my Para Series 80 jammed tearing a place in the frame.....see earlier post for description.


After getting the gun back to Para, this is how they handled it!!! to be fair, they have the turn around time down! And I give them an A+++ for that. However, the "service" is FF-- I am absolutly without words to describe how I feel about this!!! NO word, no nothing...just presumed I wanted a 115$ bill ?

I now regret NOT buying a Kimber, and REALLY regret returning the gun to Para. I should have had it fixed localy, and saved $$$$$. Live and learn.

I did question Derek, regarding allowing me to make the decision to either have them repair it, of returning it to me.....he never answered. Makes me wonder it they were hiding something with a 24hour repair???? they received it the 25th, and had it done the 26th. this is what Para says.....

By the way, the gun had NOT been altered, but for an ambi safety, which I held back and reinstalled their safety. Also, I did polish the contact surfaces of the disconnector, sear, and hammer. Polished only.....

Para-Ordnance says:
Dear Sir,

I am contacting you in regard to your pistol that was sent in for repairs.
Due to the damage and some of the parts being altered (which made the gun
inoperable), the repairs to your pistol are not covered by the Limited
Lifetime Service Policy. The hammer, sear and thumb safety were altered. The
crack to the frame was caused by reassembling the slide on the frame with
the firing pin plunger lever in the up position. The gun has been fixed with
new parts and it is functioning properly now. The frame and slide were
fixed/refinished and the crack is barely visible. It is a cosmetic defect
only and does not affect the functionality of the firearm. However, if you
are adamant to have a new frame, please be advised that the cost for a new
frame is $299.00. Currently the repairs of the gun with the same frame come
to a total of $115.00.

Please let me know if you would like to have the frame replaced. If not,
then please forward a Money Order or a Cashier's Check in the amount of
$115.00 to the address below.

P.O. Inc. (14522)
1427 Allensville Rd., Unit# 2
Sevierville, TN 37876.


Para-Ordnance Inc.
Service Center Manager.

Needless, to say, Derek is NOT on my xmas list!!!! Nope, he's dropped, along with any future Para purchases!
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