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North Virginia Gun Works

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Does anyone have any info or knowledge on this company?
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Yes, I took an old Dan Wesson to be fixed at Northern Virginia Gun Works a few years ago. My experience was good but limited.
My understanding is that the founder (forget his name at the moment) was Gunsmith of the Year 2 or 3 years ago, so I guess he is pretty good. I think his son may work in his shop also.

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SD: Thanks for reply, I was getting worried. I just traded for a HP they installed an extended beavertail on. The work looks very good, and is so far the most accurate HP I own, my Novak included. I will post some pictures tomorrow, my camera hardware is at my office. If you happen to have any contact info on them, I would really appreciate it.
Sorry, I've been away from the list for a couple of days.
Their phone is 703-644-6504.
They are open Saturdays.
I would advise against using them. They did a good job installing night sights on one of my guns. When I brought in a 1911 for over $800 of custom work I was given a gun back with an unreliable trigger, was charged $80 more when I brought it back to be "fixed" and the trigger still was faulty! I had to pay Larry Wright $30 to fix their shoddy work. Never again will I use these guys.

Other folks have told me they have had similar experiences with them.
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