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Ordered Trijicon HD sights for both guns, dovetail profile is perfect front and rear, but on both the Defender and CBOB, the HD front sight seems to be (I haven't measured exactly yet) maybe 1/16" or maybe even 1/8" taller than the stock sights. Rear sight height appears to be identical. I didn't notice the difference until I took the Defender to the range, and found myself 4-6" short at ~10-15 feet (range has low light and poor gauge of distance). I find myself having to line the rear sight top up with the very bottom of front dot to be "on target" like so:

_O_ instead of what I would consider normal at -O-

And this was closer than I would normally shoot, which makes me worry that it's substantially worse at longer, more normal ranges. I considered compensating, but I carry more than one gun, I don't want to train myself into bad habits just to make up for a sight I like that's just not the right size.

Has anyone run into this before with the Trijicon HD Novak 1911 cuts before? I don't much care for traditional night sights because I prefer a big dot style "HEY LOOK AT ME" front sight, so I'm on the fence about maybe going back to stock on the Defender (I have the front white dot painted orange and the rears green with neon paint - great in day, even lower light, but dusk/night is useless), or trying something like fiber optic that would at least make day/dusk more functional, even if night is still useless. On the CBOB, I've always hated those very small tritium sights, but until I figure out what isn't working with the Trijicons, I'm loath to order anything else without verifying exactly where the "dot" sits in the sight to be sure it's going to be on for height.

Anyone else running anything different on CBOBs or Defenders that they'd like to rave about and maybe push me in a new direction for a carry gun?
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