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I've had a set on a Glock for evaluation for some time. They do offer a quick-to-acquire sight picture and cover up less of one's downrange view than do conventional sights.

I have a bit of trouble maintaining control of my shots' elevation during maximum speed exercises. I suspect that this is due to the sight's configuration making it more difficult to determine whether or not the top of the front sight is level with top of the rear sight. This could also be due to the Glock's grip angle differing from that of the 1911 to which I am habituated. Windage is no problem at all.

In general, I think the sight is workable, but it is not necessarily a "better mousetrap".


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When I had my wife's Colt Officer's 45 customized for her at Gunsite, they installed the Robar type rear sight, but in '95, her vision went from 20/15 to 20/400 due to MS, and she could no longer see the front sight. When I showed her a picture of the Novak Ghost Sight in G.P. Johnston's column (I think it was in Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement) she said, "I want that one!" So, I got on the phone with Joe Bonar at Novak's,
arrangements were made, and her little Colt was shipped off.

The Ghost sight is VERY fast up close, but at longer distances, it takes longer to make sure that the sights are aligned, and more attention must be paid to the rear sight than with a conventional rectangular notch. My wife loved it, as her interest is primarily in close-range defense (being handicapped means having "VICTIM" tattoed on her forehead) Her eyesight improved when the MS was brought back under control with medication, and the Ghost Sight was no longer necessary, but she won't let me change it back.

I personally don't care for the Ghost Sight. I'm used to the conventional Patridge sight picture, and if I need something that's faster to use, I'd rather have Ashley Express sights.

What's important is what works for YOU. If possible, try a gun fitted with the Ghost sights, and maybe one with express sights, and compare them to a Patrige sight picture before you pay to have them installed in your gun. If you do have them installed, and decide later you don't like them, it's no hassle to have a Novak sight with a standard notch installed, and Ashley makes an express sight that fits the Novak cut.

By the way, Novak's are VERY good to work with. While they had my wife's Colt, knowing that it belonged to a handicapped woman, at her request, they made the trigger weight heavier, so she could feel the trigger with her numb fingers before it fired, no charge. They also did some some light dehorning on the rear of the slide, without being asked to, also at no extra cost.

Good luck.
Roger Shambaugh
Ottawa, Kansas

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