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if it has a Novak cut, it's a fixed sight
unless it is cut for the new Novak Extreme Ajdustable
but it's got an extra cut in the front

from the caspian site
standard novak

novak with the slight cut for the adjustable

I have been researching sites as I have a loaded stainless with fixed novaks and I want an adjustable rear with an optic front (like a dawson)

I am not crazy about the Novak adjustable's sight picture from the rear and I don't like MMCs either, too cluttered looking, I want something flat from the rear like a Bomar

I just found out tonight via google magic that Caspian makes one that is exactly what I want, fits the standard Novak cut, is more like a Bomar from the rear and has both hight and windage adjustments via a screwdriver

and it's 60 bucks, 20 cheaper than a Novak!
Tactical Adjustable

Best of both worlds. Unlike other adjustable sights, our Tactical Adjustable sight adjusts for both windage and elevation without modifying the standard Novak style lo-mount cut.

and they do an optic front for 22, almost 1/2 the price of a Dawson


sign me up

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1911kid said:
So are Mil-Spec's modifiable to take a Novak cut sight? All of the ajustable target sites that I have seen are made for Novak cut. Anyone know of one that has a regular cut?
For the Novaks you could send them the slide and they'll make the cut and install them for you. If you send them the entire pistol they will sight it in for you also (extra fee of course). You can find contact info at http://www.novaksights.com if you want to find exactly how they'd handle it.

And ccoker,
figures I'd see your post after Caspian is closed for the week. I really like that rear sight and WANT one! My px9151l is one of those 'shoots low' out of the box SA's and I've run it through about 700rds so far. I'd rather get an adjustable for it and go with a fiber front anyway :).

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