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I was hoping to run into someone who has photos of this gun or may even actually own one.

It is supposed to be a limited edition run of 100.

Apparently the pistol in question was featured in the December 1994 edition of Guns but I only started reading that publication three years ago so I am out of luck there too.

How about it, anyone have any info on this pistol?

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I may be the customer Allan was referring to. I did buy one from him and it shoots and handles great! I'm a 45 caliber guy, all 1911's, but when Allan took this little beauty out of it's gunrug, it was so interesting, I had to handle it. Once handling, well... you know what happens. I had considered adding a 9mm to my collection, and this was it! I would highly recommend one--just a pleasure to shoot, and a nice little change of pace from the 45's or whatever else might be in your collection. Call Allan and Terry, find out what these guys might have in stock and buy one know, they're as beautiful to work with as they look, no doubt.

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