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Well... I had decided on two different OWB holsters for my new Kimber Pro. I wanted a Milt Sparks but did NOT want the 8 to 10 week wait. I read the comments here and found two holsters the 55BN from Sparks and another one from another forum member holster maker.

I order the Sparks 55BN from Lightning Sports Saturday morning and found it in my mailbox today Monday morning.. Two days over weekend!! Also, in pre-purchase emails to Audrey she answered all my questions and was real helpful on the phone Saturday when I called her to place the order. Even though we traded emails she went over the order to assure I was getting what I needed.

Anyway, thought I would let all know this forum info was correct. You can avoid the wait if they have what you want at Lightning Sports. I will always check there first for future orders.

Great job, Audrey!!!

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