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Nowlin Trigger Job

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Nowlin has a drop in trigger kit that includes hammer, sear, sear spring, hammer spring, and disconnector. They advertise that the hammer and sear have been mated for a precise fit. I'm considering the Pro Match kit, which will bring the trigger pull to 3.5 lbs. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about using one of these kits? Thanks.
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...Nowlin makes quality parts , and they will improve your existing trigger!
Whether it will reduce your trigger pull to exactly 3.5lbs is another story. If your hammer and sear pin frame holes are exactly in the right place and there is no drag from the frame tangs, and the trigger has no resistance or drag on the frame then I would say yes. If not, you might be at 3&3/4 to 4 lbs.. Not every trigger set is "drop-in," but it will be close and if you are having problems with it I am sure you can get help over the Forum to work out the details.

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Hi Hays, I like the Nowlin stuff and bjg-1911
reply for what its worth, Pete

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Thanks guys. This will be going on a Kimber Custom II. I probably should have included that in my first post.
Now, I was recently told that trigger pull weight had most to do with mainspring and sear spring.
~that the hammer/sear was more about crisp break.

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I put Nowlin's drop in kit into my stock Colt Combat Elite. Without any tweaking, it lowered my trigger pull from 6# to about 4.25# and is very crisp. I very happy with Nowlin and will order from them again.


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If you just want the poundage lower, also try a lighter mainspring. I changed the one on my Kimber SLE to a Wilson Combat, and now the trigger pull measures 3.75 #.

I have a GI/Mutt 1911 with a 5.75-6 # pull. I put in the McCormack Sear ($8) and now it measures 4.25 I think it was. A big improvement for the money, is what I remember.

Have you measured your Kimber already? If not, how would you know if 3.5 was an improvement?
Basically what bjg-1911 said.I haven't used them but they have a great rep.Losing weight is basically a spring thing,but the sear/hammer fit can make a difference.I think I would let someone in the know look at your sear/hammer fit.If it's right or once it's corrected,it's a few spring tweaks.Could save you some $.
Hey, Hays. bjg1911 did a trigger job for me with the exact set you mentioned.

Like he said, the parts are high quality and make for a long-lasting trigger job. Mine did not "drop in" at 3.5 lbs. In fact he had to lighten it to get it to 4lbs. which is fine to me. This was in an STI frame, so again, depending on the tolerences and stuff. You may get the same or better results in your frame, but don't be disappointed if you still need to work on or have someone else work on it to lighten/smooth it up.
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