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I have 3 guns np3ed.
a 38 super racegun, 45 limited, and a high power. they all are grey, and were finished years apart.
yes it is slick, and I put skate board tape where ever I need to grip it. I've also heard that its soft, but you would never convince me of that. the super and the 45 have gone thru thousands of draw in dry fire, practices, and matches. because I'm lazy, I usually don't wipe my guns down after I'm done with them, and the finish has held up fine.

also I used to belong to the comp of the month club, the first time I change it, I heated the comp which was finished in np3, with a torch to melt the lock tite. when I was done, the finish was black and sooty. after 5 minutes of rubbing it with flitz, you'd never know what I did to it.

of course ymmv
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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