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It is good to have Certificate from that course, it opens doors to online CC permits (no live fire required).
You can also go farther after that course and become NRA Basic Pistol Instructor.
But like Plug Run Arms mentioned, this is a basic stuff, focused on shooting fundamentals. It has nothing to defensive shooting nor bullseye shooting. There is a lot of theory, talking, discussing. Live fire is just extension to the stuff you just learned. But do not expect you will shoot better after this course. It only prepares you for next levels and these next levels will help you to get good habits and "avoid developing bad habits".

To visualize this course look at the final evolution - to get the Certificate you have to pass written exam (not big deal at all) and put 20 holes in 4" circle from 10 feet. ;)
And there are levels above that that enter into the marksmanship levels of quallification. One can go as far as they want, or stop at any point. As far as classes, there are also some classes that cover laws on self-defense (and the tactics of it) in your locality like Personal Protection in the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home that go into more advanced techniques and strategies of home defense and self-defense. Additionally, many of these instructors can recommend good advanced instructors in self-defense, like Rangemasters, Thunder Ranch, Vickers Tactical, Gunsite, and many others. Start with the fundamentals, and the rest will progress with practice and good instruction.
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