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Hi, I would like to hear from anyone who has taken this course. I have owned my Springfield 1911 MilSpec for about 8 years. Fired about 2500 rounds at the range. Took a Defensive Handgun course about 5 years ago and learned a lot. I just want to get occasional training from a variety of sources to learn what I can and avoid developing bad habits.
Yes, I took that class late last millennium. Then a refresher of it to certify for teaching it, ~15yrs ago.

"NRA Basic Pistol" put my handgun skills on an upward trajectory. That class was the beginning for me to correct some self-taught bad practices. Well worthwhile if you and the instructor make it so. It is geared for being the 1st class a new pistol shooter takes. But several times I've done what it reads that you're planning: taking a less advanced class, to get new perspectives on the training covered.
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