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A few years ago I finally bought a 10/22, which I'd wanted for years. By the time I got mine, a plastic stock was about the only choice and, for a purely functional firearm, makes perfect sense.
My 10/22 that I've had since a teenager came with the birch stock. After a few years it was beat up so bad I refinished it. A few years after that it split so I replaced it. Then that ended up getting beat-up as well. Now the rifle wears an OEM Ruger plastic stock. Not pretty, but a helluva lot more practical.

The ad I remember for the Nylon 66 is that guy that shot 100,000 wooden blocks thrown into the air without a malfunction.
That was Tom Frye, who was an exhibition shooter and a Remington employee. As part of the public release of the Nylon 66 he duplicated Al Topperwien's old stunt of shooting at hand-thrown 2 1/4" wooden blocks. Tom shot at 100,010 of them with only six misses. He used three Nylon 66 rifles during that event, and none malfunctioned.
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