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Officers length 9x23 magazines

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Is anyone else looking for quality officer's length 9x23 magazines? I just contacted Wilson Combat to ask if they had any plans to make compact 9x23 magazines. The gentleman on the phone was very enthusiastic about the idea and said that he would talk to "the powers the be" to see if they could get the ball rolling. If you are interested in these magazines, contact Wilson Combat and express your enthusiasm. If enough people voice an interest, they may crank out a batch of them.
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Is there anyone out there now that makes officer size 9x23 mags.
I would be very interested! My Colt CCO in 45 acp is just about a perfect carry gun. One in 9x23 might be awesome!

Big Arm
9x23 Officers magazines

I am new to this forum, but have always liked the 9x23. I am attending Yavapai Gunsmithing College part time. I am in the process of putting together a Caspian 9x23 Officers M1911a1. The link below is for Metalform. They have 8rd .38 Super Officers magazines available. They supply Colt magazines with the "M" stamped on the base plate and also to Springfield Armory for their 9mm models. I hope this helps or maybe lights a fire under Wilson Combat's butt to get into the game.


Colt Officer's Model 1911 .38 Super
Part No Comp Cal Cap Tube Flwr Base Retail QTY 1 to 6 Qty 7 to 39 Qty 40 to 399 Qty 400 to 1000 Pkg at 200 Add to Cart
38S-793 >NEW 38 8 S F W 33.95 25.15 13.98 13.06 N/A ADD
38S-793B >NEW 38 8 S F WB 41.78 30.94 17.19 16.06 N/A ADD
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Metalform has been making the OM size 9x23/38 super mags for a couple of years now..they work very well..

believe they also make a 10mm OM mag too..
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