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from AP and www.ohioccw.org...

11:52 p.m. UPDATE: The HB12 Conference Committee report passed the Ohio Senate 25-8, and passed the Ohio House 69-27. The bill now faces a veto-threat from Governor Bob Taft, who has time and again, proven he would NEVER compromise on making a concealed carry reform bill law. Both Senator Doug White and House Speaker Larry Householder say they have enough votes to override a potential veto
I hate Bob Taft. I hate what he does to and for actual Republicans. Thank goodness there are some real Republicans willing to stand up to him and fight.

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Republican In Name Only :barf: :barf:

He had said in the past that he was for concealed carry in Ohio. He keeps coming up with new reasons for why he will veto a bill presented to him. :barf:

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That's a trick question, Mus, Taft is a textbook RINO! :barf:

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I hope you guys are calling your state Senators. Taft is saying he will veto and 610WTVN in Columbus was reporting Doug White (Senate President) says he may not have the votes to override (contrary to what www.ohioccw.org is stating)

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I will call Doug White and Todd Book tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'll call Taft. I just think calling Taft's Office is a waste of my time as his mind is unlikely to change.

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Call Taft. I remember another forum member from Ohio saying that his office was keeping track of the calls.

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Ohio State Senate
125th General Assembly
Regular Session

HB12 Concealed handguns - license to carry

Yea: 25 Nay: 8 Absent: 0 Excused: 0 Ineligible: 0

Yea: 25

Amstutz (R)
Armbruster (R)
Austria (R)
Blessing (R)
*Carey (R)
Carnes (R)
*Coughlin (R)
Dann (D)
DiDonato (D)
Fedor (D)
Gardner, Randy (R)
Gardner, Robert (R)
Hagan (D)
*Harris (R)
*Hottinger (R)
Jacobson (R)
Jordon (R)
Mumper (R)
Nein (R)
*Schuler (R)
*Schuring (R)
Stivers (R)
Wachtmann (R)
Zurz (D)
White (R)

Nay: 8

Brady (D)
Fingerhut (D)
Goodman (R)
Mallory (D)
Miller (D)
Prentiss (D)
Roberts (D)
Spada (R)

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Ohio House of Representatives
125th General Assembly
Regular Session

HB12 - Aslanides License to carry concealed handguns

Yea: 70 Nay: 27 Not voting: 2


Yea: 70

Allen (D)
*Aslanides (R)
*Blasdel (R)
*Buehrer (R)
*Callender (R)
*Calvert (R)
*Carano (D)
*Carmichael (R)
*Cates (R)
Cirelli (D)
*Clancy (R)
*Collier (R)
*Core (R)
Daniels (R)
*DeWine (R)
*Distel (R)
Domenick (D)
*Evans C. (R)
*Faber (R)
*Fessler (R)
*Flowers (R)
*Gibbs (R)
*Gilb (R)
*Grendell (R)
*Hagan (R)
*Hartnett (D)
Harwood (D)
*Hollister (R)
*Hoops (R)
*Hughes (R)
*Husted (R)
*Kearns (R)
*Latta (R)
Martin (R)
*McGregor (R)
*Niehaus (R)
*Oelslager (R)
*Olman (R)
*Patton T. (R)
*Peterson (R)
*Raga (R)
*Raussen (R)
Redfern (D)
*Reidelbach (R)
*Reinhard (R)
*Schaffer (R)
*Schlichter (R)
*Schmidt (R)
Schneider (R)
*Seaver (D)
*Seitz (R)
*Setzer (R)
*Sferra (D)
*Smith G. (R)
Stewart D. (D)
*Stewart J. (R)
*Taylor (R)
*Trakas (R)
Wagner (R)
*Walcher (R)
*Webster (R)
*White (R)
*Widener (R)
*Williamowski (R)
*Williams (R)
*Wilson (D)
*Wolpert (R)
Householder (R)

Nay: 27

Barrett (D)
Beatty (D)
Brinkman (R)
Brown (D)
Chandler (D)
DeBose (D)
DeGeeter (D)
Driehaus (D)
Jerse (D)
Key (D)
Kilbane (R)
Koziura (D)
Mason (D)
Miller (D)
Otterman (D)
Patton S. (D)
Perry (D)
Price (D)
Skindell (D)
Smith S. (D)
Strahorn (D)
Sykes (D)
Ujvagi (D)
Widowfield (R)
Woodard (D)
Yates (D)
*Young (R) (pro-CCW, considered bill too liberal)

Not Voting: 2

*Boccieri (D)
Evans D.

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So what are the details of the bill?

Nevermind I just looked it up.

I consider it far too liberal. Cant carry in church synogogue or mosque? Who gave government the authority to tell people they cant carry in their own church?

Better than nothing however, so congratulations Ohioans.

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From the HiPower forum:
Taft is threatening to veto the bill that passed Wednesday night. Here is what we need to do.
Keep the calls going in to the Governor's office, even if you called yesterday call again today. The gal I was talking to had to put me on hold three times and that is great. Taft again is (614)466-3555. We need to make it clear there is a penalty for his continued obstruction.

Also we need to put pressure on the Ohio Republican Party. Call them and leave a message for Chairman Bob Bennett at (614)228-2481 letting them know you will not send money to the Ohio GOP or renew your membership in the Ohio GOP because of Governor Taft's obstruction of concealed carry. Guys if we do nothing we lose so make those calls today and give them hell. Tim Inwood

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I apologize to the administration and moderators of this board, but I feel it necessary to list the names and numbers of Senators who have not yet commited to voting to override a veto from Taft.

"****If your Senator is on this list, and expresses willingness to you to override, please invite them to email a statement as such, from their office to [email protected]****

Jeffry J. Armbruster (R) 13th District -614/644-7613

Steve Austria (R) 10th District - 614/466-3780

James E. Carnes (R) 20th District - 614/466-8076

Kevin Coughlin (R) 27th District - 614/466-4823

Marc Dann (D) 32nd District - 614/466-7182

Gregory L. DiDonato (D) 30th District - 614/466-6508

Teresa Fedor (D) 11th District - 614/466-5204

Robert A. Gardner (R) 18th District - 614/644-7718

Bill Harris (R) 19th District - 614/466-8086

Jeff Jacobson (R) 6th District - 614/466-4538

Larry A. Mumper (R) 26th District - 614/466-8049

Scott R. Nein (R) 4th District - 614/466-8072

Steve Stivers (R) 16th District - 614/466-5981

Doug White (R) - 14th District - 614/466-8082

Kimberly A. Zurz (D) - 28th - 614/466-7041"

Thank you,


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Thanks dubb-1, I will be calling Senator White on this. I assumed he would vote to override Taft's veto as White was active in getting HB-12 passed. You know what assume stand for.:)

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The way ohioccw.org talks, Sen White was not very helpful at first. He was looking for an agriculture appointment from Gov Taft, as his term is up by term limits this time. It was only after Taft became more belligerent, and the open carry demonstrations occurred all over the state and folks got active with phone calls and letters.
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