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old school powder scale

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I found my grandfathers old Pacific powder scale, wondering if anyone can date it? It has little metal squares with the weight stamped on them in a metal container so you can balance the nut to meet the right load. The scale just says pacific and the lid of the container says "PACIFIC DURALUNN WEIGHTS"
Here are 2 camera phone pics, no digital yet.

Anyone know anything?
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Pacific Tool Company was bought over by http://www.hornady.com ,
maybe they might know.
That scale is shown and described in The Complete Guide to Handloading by Phil Sharpe. Mine is the revised version and I can't tell if the scale showed in the first edition of 1937 or was added in a later revision up to 1949. They were still making it in 1957 but by 1964 the style had changed even though the mechanical design was the same.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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