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One bad primer

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Out of the last 18,000 rounds loaded, I have had one bad primer. I always use Winchester primers, so my question is, what is everybody's track record on primers?

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No failures with Winchester or CCI or Remington pistol primer. I think I have used about 20,000 of them. At one time I could not get CCI primers to seat in my Dillon 550, so I switched to Winchester and have never looked back.

I have only used Remington primers in .40 S&W with no problems.

Rifle primers have given me exactly one failure to ignite in the last 25 years. It happened about nine months ago as my daughter and I were practicing for the upcoming deer seasson. It was a CCI 200 from some ammo that I loaded about ten years ago. A second hit got it to ignite. Makes me wonder if the firing pin struck it hard enough. I immediately took the bolt apart (Mod 70) and cleaned it.

Shotgun primers, however, have given me several fits over the years. I have used Federal and Winchester, both giving me a way too high of a failure rate.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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