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One bad primer

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Out of the last 18,000 rounds loaded, I have had one bad primer. I always use Winchester primers, so my question is, what is everybody's track record on primers?

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Nothing but problems with CCI primers using Dillon 550 press. No problems winth Win or Rem. Surprised so many think CCI are OK. Not my experience but then I guess that is why there is more than one manufacturer. Incidently more to the point the CCI primers that seated properly all did fire, just there were in the batch I had to many out of spec. Win primers have never given me problems.

The problem I had with CCI primers was they were just out of spec. I measured them and several were larger than they should have been. As a result they would not seat in the pockets. As I recall in a 100 on average the lot had five that were odd sized. Nothing to do with the press I can assure you. I must also say that I have used CCI primers from another brick that worked fine. I guess, since I have had no problems with Win and REm primers I decided to stick with those.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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