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One bad primer

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Out of the last 18,000 rounds loaded, I have had one bad primer. I always use Winchester primers, so my question is, what is everybody's track record on primers?

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20,000 plus Winchester WLPs with no failures. 20,000 Federal 150s with one failure to light. Aproximately 20,000 CCIs of various types with several issues: One box of 1,000 CCIs about 5 or 6 years ago with 15 or 20 failures to light well in the cold, (0 deg f.), one box of 1,000 CCIs with many of the cups not even. These had one edge of the cup higher than the other and were very difficult to seat well. One box of 1,000 CCIs with "high" anvils. These would "trip" coming out of the primer feed tube and wind up spilled, upside down or sideways. Seating them single stage had a crunchy sort of feel which made me a bit nervous so I called CCI and they made good on them. BD
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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