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I was closing another deal on a hangund a month or so, and my dealer said I want to show you something. He disappeared to the safe and came back with a Browning HP and a Colt Detective 2" snubby.

Now I wanted the snubby 38 and I have the Colt fever which there is no vacine to cure, but this was a LNIB HP. I spent a hour snooping over it, looking for some flaw. There wasn't any and I knew one of my sons has wanted a HP for some time ( older son ) and although the colt was cheaper, it showed minor wear and I took the HP home.

I immediatly took it home stripped it, cleaned it, and lubed it with the asssistance of my youngest son. I flew out on business a day or so later, so the HP was put back in the box, and I figured that I would show it to the oldest when he and I are home together at Christmas.

Well in my absence my youngest has been looking over that HP and I think every time he sees it he likes it more. He asked me if he would trade me for his Glock, or if I would give it to him for Xmas. The bug in this ointment is the older still wants the HP. I guess I am on the hunt next week for another HP as the best solution to this problem seems to be a brace of High Powers.

My question is why when I have the boys in the gun shops with me do they always look at that plastic pistols, but want Dad's old iron ( 1911's and HP's ) later, I guess I am teaching good ( bad ) habits.

Headed North today back to the homestead, and probably not going to spend much time around computers, so I wanted to take this chance to wish all the forum members and moderators a safe and Happy Holidays!!!!!!:)
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