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Got mine 2 days after CDNN received my C&R.
Yowza! Can't beat service like that.

Passed checks for thumb and grip safeties and half-cock notch. Overall finish very nice, lanyard loop bent. Slide is pretty tight - no vertical wobble at all and very little side-to-side. Checkered short trigger blade. Arched MSH is reverse checkered (impressed? cast?). Mag has serial number which does not match the S/N on frame, barrel and slide. Mag lips look fine, it locks the slide back, and pops in and out the way it should.

I examined the locking lugs on barrel and slide under magnification, they're all sharp, no signs of battering or timing problems. I don't know if the "arsenal refinishing" would have sharpened up the lugs, but I'll choose to believe that's a good sign. Bore condition unknown because it was recoated inside as well as out. So the bore's a black hole at this point.

Slide markings are "Policia De La Provincia De Buenos Aires" and "D.G.F.M. - (F.M.A.P.)" on left side and "SIST COLT CAL. 11.5mm MOD. 1927" on right. Also on the right side toward the muzzle in real teeny letters is "VAH Dist. Co. LLC" and "Wooster OH". There's an even teenier "VAH" above the mag release button.

Seems like this old gal has been around the block a few times since the booklet in the box was from JLD. Anyone know about the VAH-JLD-CDNN connection?

Overall I'm pleased so far with what $309.98 bought me. I bought it for a project gun but it looks so cool I may just keep it the way it is. Now to see how it shoots.

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Congrats on your new toy. Try and keep it as stock as possible. Trust me, it'll be more fun to shoot that way.

D. Kamm
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