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One Piece vs Two Piece Guide Rod

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What are the pros and cons of one and two piece guide rods. Any difference in a full size model (gov't) or commander size?
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I know everybody hates me here,but I'm gonna help you anyway. The one piece is the way to go,regardless of the style 1911 you're using. The trick is in learning to remove the slide without using the standard method.

Instead of worrying about barrel bushings and wrenches,do this: (for left-handers,it's the opposite) Hook your right thumb across the grip safety,curl your other 4 fingers over the top of the slide.Pull the slide back(cocking the hammer 1st helps,and you might need to help it along with you other hand)until the disassembly notch lines up with the slide stop as normal.Push,then pull,the slide stop out.Slowly allow the slide to come forward.When it comes to the end of the recoil-spring tunnel,you'll need to stick your left thumb over the recoil spring/guide rod,and hold it down.Then,simply remove the slide forward.It's then fairly easy to gently allow the rear of the guide rod to come up, carefully release the spring tension and remove spring and guide rod backward as a unit.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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