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Oops. Now what?

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OK. I'm the first to admit I'm a total novice when it comes to how these gems operate. With that in mind, I recently picked up a well shot Delta Elite. The grip safety "clicked" and I was advised to check the fit and the sear spring.

The fit was crappy to be nice. A little gentle cleaning up and the grip safety fit great on a bare frame.

So I go to put her back together. I get her all back together and I notice that the grip safety was acting like it was blocked (like the old Jeff Cooper grip safety block idea). It had no travel at all and no spring resistance. Odd. But nonetheless, I go and dry fire just to see. Well it fired alright. No pressure on the grip safety and the thumb safety set to "safe" and "click".

So I took everything apart, rechecked and put it all back together. Four times. Same thing.

Oops. Now what?
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Try bending the right leg of the sear spring out, it applies spring tension to the grip safety.......

If your thumb safety is set to "safe" (UP postion), and you can dry fire successfully, the grip safety is not your only worry. The thumb safety is not engaging the sear to block rearward movement when ON. Bending the right leg of the sear spring may address the lack of spring tension pushing out on the grip safety tang, but it's got nothing to do with the thumb safety.

Check it out and be careful.


Tried that. No luck.


I kinda figured that out
But that's where I'm stuck.
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Birch, try taking all out of the frame, but the trigger, mag button, install the grip safety and thumb safety, then look inside the frame and see if it`s hanging up any place..You may have too shorten the nose alittle..but if your thumb safety ain`t working also you need help with that too..
Unless you understand the workings of a 1911 and have a manual to go by, do everyone a favor and take the gun to a reputable smith. If the guns not right and you decide to sell it or trade it in, it will be a disaster waiting to happen.

Thanks! You solved the grip problem.

Now on to the thumb safety. It takes a lot of pressure, and I do mean a lot, but the hammer does fall to half cock. Then, when I press down on the thumb safety to the "fire" position, the hammer falls. Eeek.

What are the likely possibilities here? Sear? Safety?

You need a new thumb safety..the one you have now was fitted wrong...cut too short..please replace this ASAP..
Ordered an ambi safety already, Gunny.

Oh well... a workshop full of parts till my order arrives.

Thanks again for all of your help!
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