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I'm thinking maybe I messed up. I just sent in a gun to be hard chromed. It will have an Optima 2000 sight mounted to the rear of the slide.

I'm considering, however, going with a different sight like a C-More or other frame mounted sight. The frame is not drilled and tapped for a scope mount.

So, can the frame be drilled and tapped, post-hardchrome. I guess the stuff's pretty hard but is it so hard that you cant drill it? Thanks for any info.
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Your frame can be drilled and tapped after hard chrome. It's a little hard going through the surface but it's not very thick.

Bob Londrigan
Brazos Custom Gunworks
Hard chroming is no problem to drill through. We have done quite a few chromed guns with no problem.
God Bless
Jack Weigand
You didn't say why you were thinking of going to a frame-mount sight. You'll have no problem installing it because, as the guys have already told you, it's easy....the coating is only about .0002 thick and the process doesn't effet the basic frame metal hardness. I'd suggest you give some thought to the frame mount though. They're very inconvenient when the time comes to clean your pistol...or do any work on it.
This is sort of a "just in case" kind of proposition. The slide on which the Optima 2000 is mounted has been lightened and cycles really fast. I'm not 100% convinced that the sight can take the pounding. Hopefully, it'll work out, but if not, I wanted to makes sure I had other options. Thanks all for the replies.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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