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Opinions on $10 gun

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That’s right, a new gun for $10, or maybe some other good stuff. Just go to www.uspsa.org, and click on the Junior Program Raffle Ticket link. A $10 ticket gets you a chance at:

---STI.....Tricked out competition pistol.....$2,800.
---Para Ordnance.....New LDA model......$850.00.
---Dan Wesson Firearms......High Cap .45 (not even on market yet)..$699.00
---Caspian Limited Class single stack pistol built by Clark Custom
---Guns.....$1,600 (Caspian is suppling $670 in parts. Clark adding additional
parts and labor to complete gun.)
---DPMS Panther Arms.......223 Rifle.....$655
---STI.....two OK Parrot Red Dot Scopes.....$247.50 each
---Shooting Express, Ltd (Todd Jarrett).......$250 in T-shirts and videos
---Bang, Inc. (Jerry & Kay Miculek).......$250 in revolver grips and videos
---EGW....... gift certificate (TBD)

All proceeds to benefit the USPSA Junior Program. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Rich
Thanks for the imformation on the raffle. I'll buy some tickets and tell all my customers that come in the shop about the raffle.
Regards,Bob Hunter. www.huntercustoms.com
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