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Opinions on the Wilson Tigershark holster?

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I need a holster for my new toy. What are your opinions on the Wilson holsters (I am looking at the Tigershark, very pretty


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I don't have the Tiger Shark but I do have a Wilson IWB, Summer Companion Model. I like it but the side have become soft and only after 4 month of occasional wear, My Milt Sparks Heritage II is 4 years old and I wor eit daily for 3 years and it still looks and performs like it did the day I bought it. I have a Wilson CQB, love it to death but I think Wilson should stay with the guns and let the leather crafters do their jobs, just my opinion.

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The Wilson Tigershark holster was designed and manufactured by Safariland. It is a plastic material laminated in leather or sharkskin. It is a paddle holster suitable for short term carrying of a handgun. The paddle is well designed, it keeps the holster on the belt when you want it to stay, and allow easy removal when you want to take it off. It's one of the very few paddle that will remain on the belt during the drawing stroke. The holster have two "flaps" that protect the rear sight and hammer/safety (if the gun has one). It is not a deep concealment holster, it does sits off a little from the body. You would need a rather loose cover garment to conceal this rig.
As for the Summer Companion and any other holsters that Wilson sell, they don't make them. They're made by a third party. Some are made by Rafters Gunleather.
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