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A few weeks ago my wife and daughter ask, "What do you want for Christmas"?
I, of course, got all bright-eyed and said, "Optical sights for my IPSC pistol". "OK", I was told, "Locate what you want and order it and you can avoid the dreaded Christmas Neck Tie". "Heck of a deal" says I.
A shootin' buddy has the "C-more" system, so I cornered him to get a look at it .... impressive, but, it's purely battery powered, has no indicator for when the battery is going to quit, and has a reastate adjustment for light intensity that has to be adjusted as light levels change. Well, maybe, the industry has something more to offer.

Enter the Trijicon, model "Reflex II", which has none of the afore mentioned weaknesses (IMO) and is a triffle less expensive .... there is just one problem.

I can't find one

The dealers in my area don't stock them, because;
A) they don't sell that many.
B) the factory is so close (located in Wixom, Mich.) they get quick delivery when they do order.

Soooo .... I drive down to the factory ('bout 30 minutes away) to ask about direct sales. The factory won't deal "direct", only through dealers. "Fine", says I, "What's the lead time if I place an order through a dealer?" "No idea" the customer service rep says .... "Our government contracts are consuming ALL of our production capacity right now".


Then he goes on to say that if I can't locate one from existing dealer stock, "it may be a while" before I can get one.

Do any of your local dealers have, on hand, or access to a;
Trijicon Reflex II sight system w/a Weaver base?
If I can't locate one I'm stuck with the dreaded "Christmas Neck-Tie" this year.

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