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Optima 2000 vs Aimpoint?

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I wanted to put a electronic optic on my SW performace center revolver.
I was first leaning to the Aimpoint coz' I already have 2 Comp ML for my rifles and I trust the brand. But, while reading about the Optima 2000, It seems like the Optima has an advantage of being lighter, less bulky, cheaper and more accurate. But the question is reliablity? Does it break a lot? Im getting mix reviews on their reliabilty from guys in the range. (of course they don't own one...just badmouthing it) I want to know from people around here what their experience is on them.
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Another choise would be the Dr. Optic. Like the Optima but made with better parts.
I have had my optima on my open gun for over a year and have had no problems. I know people who have had theirs for 2 years and have had no problems. I believe midway is selling the optima now for @ $135
Not the Aimpoint, but saw on another forum about the ProPoint and others' parallax factor, measured for bullseye. Was it 8-rings at the extents, aiming for the X @50yds?

Am also waiting for a back-ordered Optima from Midway. No clue about its parallax performance, but am looking forward to the compact pkg.
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