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Having set up and participated in the process, be prepared for general questions to determine your character under stress. Always tell the truth as clearly as you can and don't try to hide anything. For example, a college kid that tried to go to work at my former department got wrapped around the axle about smoking dope, the whole Clinton response. For his word games, and his unwillingness to accept blame or consequences, he got passed.

Try to determine the composition of the board. If it's all executives, find out what kind of problems the department you have has had in the past. If it's street sergeants and FTOs, be prepared for some really direct questions. Either way, I agree that you will have an easier time with your background as an MP. I work with a lot of guys that have that in their background and they tend to be great street cops.

Oral boards are a breeze if you have character, imho. Good luck. If you're getting out near Campbell, Clarksville PD is hiring.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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