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Guido: I think your experience in the military as an M.P. will definitely be a help to you in the oral boards. The panel will compile a list of standard questions that they ask each candidate the same way. Then they may off shoot depending on how you answer a particular question. They wll be looking for eye contact, the way you stand and so on. I know I don't have to tell you this but, do not sit down until you are told to do so. Think about the question before you answer it. Once you answer and you feel you are correct, don't deviate from your response. Stick to your guns. They will be looking at your decisiveness. They may through some "what if's" at you so be ready. The questions may include a couple "hot topics for the area" such as domestic violence, race relations and the like. Based on you question I can't determine if the department is going to be conducting their own board or if it will be done by an outside agency. Here in N.J. we have the Chiefs Association that will come in and do the oral boards. They ask broad reaching questions that could apply to a small or large agency. A single department tends to taylor the questions to their needs so its really kind of hard to say without knowing that.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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