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Ordered ambi-safety and slide release in stainless.

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I have a BUL\Kimber framed commander length gun(BUL M5). I want to install the new parts my self if possible. Looking at the blue slide release that came with the new gun, I can see that it did not need any adjustment when originally installed. there are no fitting marks at all. If in fact all McCormick parts are manufactered to the same exact dimensions it would seem that the new stainless unit should also work with no fitting needed. The ambi safety is another story. I noticed that the original single sided unit needed minor fitting. Can I simply copy the work done to the original part, slowly, as a guideline? More importantly, do I need new hammer and sear frame pins that are flat on both sides?
My technical skills are quite advanced as have worked all my adult life(18yrs) as a technician repairing computers, printers, copiers etc... I am skilled in performing quality work on my motorcycles and cars as well. I don't "rig" things, I make them work like they should when new.
Can you guy's offer any help on this?
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fugedaboutit -

Do not use the old thumb safety as a guide. Fit the new safety to the sear. Remove the grip safety so you can see exactly how the new thumb safety fits in relation to the sear. With a dremmel and fine sanding wheel or jewlers files you can take off enough metal from the safety cam so that it contacts the back of the sear and will not let it travel rearward when the trigger is pulled. The cam on the new thumb safety may not be the exact dimension as the old one thus the need to custome fit to your gun.

You will have to either replace the hammer and sear pins or do what I normally do and that is to grind off enough of the pin so that it fits flush with the frame. Sand the end smooth and re-blue or if the pins are stainless you can take a wire wheel on a dremmel and finish so they look like your frame. The pins will be covered when the safety is off but will show slightly when the safety is snicked on.

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